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AED NAVIGATOR management program

AED NAVIGATOR management program

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After you purchase a ZOLL AED PLUS, we can set you up on the AED NAVIGATOR management program, which is an ON-LINE TRACKING  of serial numbers, locations of AEDs, monthly inspections, inspection notices, and expiration date notices of pads, and batteries for years to come. We can also include keeping track of staff training, if that is convenient for your organization. Once you select a point person and back up who will manage the AED program on site, the rest can be accomplished through email communcation after your purchase. We will contact you directly after your purchase is made if you choose to add this management program. 

Cost is regularly 175.00 per year per unit. The first year is discounted to get you started at $100.00 per unit for the first year.

For more information about the AED NAVIGATOR, please contact our office, or you can directly contact the AED program management director below:

Kelsey DiPietro
DiPietro and Associates
664 A Freeman Lane #311 Grass Valley, CA 94959-9630
Tel: 530-477-6818