Phokus Research Group Products

Phokus Research Group Products

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Wound Cube, Wound Tube, and Wound CLUB:

See-through technology which accelerates the students understanding of:
proper wound packing and tourniquet application. 

The entire product line makes for effective hands on training during:
TCCC, TECC, TEMS, PHTLS, and STOP the BLEED classes.

Wound Cube
A wound simulator designed to increase muscle memory for students learning the basics of bleeding control.
Wound Tube
An Upper Arm wound simulator with one realistic gunshot wound designed into a semi-transparent silicone tube
Wound Club
A 2 in 1 - Junctional (axillary) and Upper Arm wound simulator with five realistic wound patterns designed into a semi-transparent silicone cube and tube combo. 
A simulated blood pump is available for the Wound Tube and Wound Club at check out. 

How do I clean and disinfect Cubes during and after training?

All Phokus SIM Products can be cleaned and disinfected according to CDC guidelines. Instructors should carefully follow all recommendations and the products used to clean / disinfect are appropriate and will not damage it. While the risk of infection from Wound Packing training is very low, it can be further minimized by using proper cleaning and disinfection procedures.

If students are sharing Cubes during class:
Between each student, encourage vigorous wiping of Cube with a Disinfectant Wipes or a comparable disinfecting product. 

After class:
Scrub and wipe the Cubes with either Clorox®-type disinfecting wipes or similar. Leave wiped surfaces wet with the solution for 10 minutes. Internal surfaces can be cleaned using rubbing alcohol which will both decontaminate surfaces and aid in drying.

As disinfection protocols change, stay up-to-date by viewing current CDC guidelines.