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This Bleeding Control Kit PLUS contains everything that is in the Bleeding Control Kit, plus z-folded gauze, rather than the rolled gauze, a Beacon Chest Seal for any penetrating injury to the chest/torso, a heat reflective blanket to guard against shock, and a sharpie to mark the time on the tourniquet.

This compact kit has a well laid-out interior that allows easy access and can be easily stored.

The included instructions detail: 1) how to treat massive blood loss from limbs with a tourniquet, 2) how to treat junctional bleeding with gauze, wrap and pressure, and 3) how to apply a chest seal to a penetrating chest/torso wound.


  • Red Zip IFAK pouch with Medical Cross Patch
  • 1PR Nitrile Gloves 
  • 1x 5.5" Trauma Shears 
  • 1x SOF® Tactical Tourniquet – Wide - Gen 3 (SOF®TT-W) 
  • 1x 4Yd z-folded Compressed cotton gauze 
  • 1x 4" Control Wrap 
  • 1x Vented Beacon Chest Seal 
  • 1x Emergency Blanket
  • 1x Mini Sharpie 
  • 1x Laminated Instruction Card  - (irp-instruct-chseal)
  • Option: Add 4ft. Hemostatic QuikClot rolled gauze

Dimensions: 6 ½" x 4 ½" x 3"

Made in the USA