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* Thin Blue Line Trauma Kit

* Thin Blue Line Trauma Kit

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To honor the men and women in blue and their tireless committment to hold the line between chaos and calm, disorder and civility. The thin blue line Trauma kit has everything needed to treat a bleeding wound or chest/torso wound immediately, when seconds count. You got this! 

NOTE: If you prefer a glow in the dark MED patch as shown in photo below, please send us an email after your order and we will switch it out for you. 

Additional patches sold separately here 


1x Black XL IFAK Zipped Bag with removable Blue Line Patch
1x Tacmed SOF TT W Tourniquet - orange 
1x Zpak Dressing; z-folded gauze dressing for wound packing 
1x Elastic control wrap to wrap wound
1x Beacon chest seals  (2-pack) to protect penetrating chest/torso wounds - non-vented and vented for entrance and exit wound.
1x Black Maxx Nitrile Gloves Lg
1x Trauma Shears to cut away clothing
1x CPR Face Shield 
1x Emergency Blanket to guard against shock
1x Instruction Card

*OPTION to add EMS roll of Quikclot hemostatic dressing at checkout.

Made in the USA

*As many of our kits are built to order, please allow additional shipping time for stocked kits. If you need a firm delivery date or have an urgent order, please call us. 

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