Tac Med Solutions SOF® Tactical Tourniquet-Wide (SOF®TT-W) - BLACK

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SOF® TT-W  Black Tourniuet made by Tactical Medical Solution. This touniquet is iscounted due to missing wrapper. The Tactical Medical Solutions Sof-T-T has since been upgraded to a more rounded buckle, thinner and longer windlass, in addition to the addition of a retention clip. We continue to recieve calls from those who prefer this model to the newer gen-4 model. ( 4 left in stock )

The SOF® Tactical Tourniquet-Wide (SOF®TT-W) made by Tactical Medical Solutions, is the result of an exhaustive 24 month research initiative compiling end-user research and laboratory studies to develop a more effective, easier to use tourniquet for all environments. High-strength, light-weight alloy components are used in critical areas of function ensuring reliability in the most challenging of circumstances and on the largest of limbs.

The SOF®TT-W also has a true 1 ½” tourniquet strap providing a wider compression pattern than most standard tourniquets, or tourniquets with a 1” constricting band moving through a 1 ½” sleeve. This broader compression pattern allows for increased patient comfort and additional arterial compression.

The tourniquet handle is machined from a single piece of high strength aluminum bar stock. The strength of the handle virtually eliminates the risk of product failure. It is then anodized to minimize the products signature in a tactical environment.

Each tourniquet ships with two UV resistant black rubber bands for mounting to your individual equipment.

  • A true 1 ½” constricting band for increased constricting pressure and patient comfort.
  • Lower-profile, lighter weight alloy components, providing the required strength and durability only metal can offer.
  • Single application method regardless of location.

U.S. Patent 7,776,064, additional U.S. and foreign patents pending.