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GRAB-N-GO Trauma Kit $58.90

GRAB-N-GO Trauma Kit $58.90

The GRAB-N-GO Trauma Kit, (or bleed control Plus without the red case) contains the all the necessary items to stop massive bleeding and safely seal chest and torso penetrating wounds, which helps to prevent a tension pneumothorax, the second leading cause of death on the battle field. This kit is small enough to fit in a desk drawer, glove box, tote, backpack or satchel, and comes packed in a resealable bag, allowing for easy inspection and replacement of individual components. 

The clear step-by-step instructions prioritize which components to use first, and act as a guide through the treatment process, reducing the guess work. Instructions are so clear that even an un-trained civilian can step up, stop the bleed, seal a chest, and save a life. 

Contents stored in a resealable bag:

  • 1x SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide Gen 4 (SofTT-W) Orange.
  • 1x 4 yds z-folded compressed cotton gauze for packing wounds 
  • 1x 4" Control Wrap to wrap around wound.
  • 1x Vented Beacon Chest Seal to cover penetrating wound to the chest/torso area. 
  • 1x Trauma Shears 5.5" to cut clothing and get to the wound
  • 1 Pr Nitrile Gloves, size XL to help prevent contamination.
  • 1x Heat Reflective Emergency Rescue Blanket (84x52") to help warm victim while waiting for help.
  • Instructions.

 *Multiple kits can be assembled into a wall kit for easy public access in the event of a mass casualty incident. Please contact us if you need help in creating custom kits that fit the needs of your organization. 888-223-1783

for trauma station choices :

Stock your wall cabinet and zippered trauma bag with trauma kits. We recommend any of the following, with description of wound-type coverage available for each:

TACMED ARK Casualty Throw Kits $37.50  (Bleeding Control, Warming blanket)

TACMED Emergency Trauma Station Throw Kits from $42.   (Bystander Instructions, Bleeding Control, Chest wounds, knowledge of OLAES bandage suggested - Video 

TRAMEDIC Massive Bleeding Subkit $47.98  (Bystander Instructions, Bleeding Control, chest wound. Knowledge of OLAES bandage suggested - Video)

TACMED Pocket Medical Kit, from $53.50 (Bleeding control, chest wound)

TRAMEDIC Individual Trauma Kit $54.50  (Bystander Instructions, bleeding control, chest wound, warming blanket)

GRAB-N-Go TRAUMA KIT (https://thinktraumakits.com/products/copy-of-tramedic-individual-trauma-kit-54-50?variant=12367699804204

$58.90 (Bystander Instructions, shears, bleeding control, chest wound, warming blanket)