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Adult/Child & Infant CPR Resuscitator Mask kit $8.00 - $10.00

Adult/Child & Infant CPR Resuscitator Mask kit $8.00 - $10.00

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Includes 2 CPR masks- one for use on adults and children, the other designed for use on infants.  These clear masks allow rescuers to properly position the masks and monitor the victim's chest.  High efficiency, low resistance one-way valve and disposable filter minimize the possibility of cross-contamination. Comes with sterile gloves and 1 bonus replacement valve. For use on adults, children and infants. Choose single adult CPR for just 8.00. 

*This CPR mask is also a free gift when you purchase a TRAMEDIC CUBE, TRAMEDIC CABINET KIT, TRAMEDIC WALL KIT, TACMED EMERGENCY TRAUMA STATION or ZOLL AED. It will be automatically shipped separately once your order is processed. Should you return your trauma kit, the gift is yours to keep.


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