H&H Z-fold Flat Packed Gauze

H&H Z-fold Flat Packed Gauze

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This gauze is great! The package is very flat, so fits nicely in any of the smaller IFAKs.

Made of high quality, 6-ply cotton, H&H Primed Flat Compressed Gauze is z-folded and vacuum packed flat, for compact storage. The perfect tool for wound packing and severe hemorrhage control when used in conjunction with wrap dressing. Its compact shape makes it ideal for IFAKs and space-constrained trauma kits. You can never have too much gauze!

4.5" W x 4.1 yds L
Dimensions: 2" H x 5" W x .5" D (packaged) 
Weight: 1.4 oz

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Fully stocked kits available here!

How to open and use compressed gauze efficiently: