Tramedic® Trauma Kits With Subkits

WHAT'S INSIDE? When you open a TRAMEDIC™ Kit, you won’t find a box full of Bandaids. You will find organized labeled subkits for a variety of injuries, each with simple life-saving supplies that are effective in buying time for the critically injured. These subkits can be purchased separately, and include easy to follow bilingual instructions, that tell you when and how to use each subkit. In addition to the instruction cards, every trauma kit comes with access to online training video portal, with the option to supervise training. Students, staff, employees and family members can feel empowered and act quickly, so that every life that CAN be saved, WILL be saved!

The following subkits are available in the Small, Medium and Large Tramedic Kits. The number of subkits in each kit varies, and may also be customized to fit your needs by contacting us.

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