Video Demonstration of Key Products

1a: How to use a CPR Face Shield

2a: How to use a "Zoll AED Plus" Defibrillator

2b: "Zoll AED Plus" using pediatric pads

2c: "Zoll AED 3" Demonstration

3a: How to open and use Compressed Gauze

3b: How to pack a wound Demo1

3c: How to pack a wound Demo2 

3d: How does an Israeli style bandage work?

4a: How to apply a Sof TTT-W Tourniquet 

4b: How to fold the new SOF® Tourniquet Gen 4 - Tourniquet - Flat-Fold Technique.

4c: How to apply a Combat Application Tourniquet C.A.T. 

5a: Why is it important to seal Penetrating chest/torso wounds

5b: Using a professional chest seal

5c: How to use Petrolatum gauze as chest seal

6a: How to use The Oleas Modular Bandage Demo 1

6b: The Oleas Modular Bandage Demo 2

7: How to put a victim in the Recovery Position

8a: How to splint a broken bone Demo 1

8b: Splinting techniques demo 2


1b) How to use a CPR Face Shield for rescue breaths when patient is unresponsive - (30 compressions, 2 rescue breathes, repeat until patient wakes up, or is breathing regularly on their own, or until help arrives):

2a) Zoll AED Plus defibrillator Demonstration 

2b: ZOLL AED 3 - Demonstration

Massive Bleeding? What you grab to help, depends on where the bleeding is coming from. 

3a) For Massive Bleeding in the junctional areas -- You'll need either regular rolled or compressed gauze, or hemostatic gauze. Hold the hemostatic gauze for at least 3 minutes, and the regular gauze at least 10 minutes or longer if possible. Watch how to open and use a pack of compressed gauze below. A variety of regular compressed, rolled and hemostatic gauze is available for puchase here.

 3b) Using Hemostatic Gauze: Caution: Understand this is a mannequin and the blood is not real.

3c) We cannot emphasize this enough..More Wound Packing with gauze using Phokus Research Wound Cube

3d) How does an Israeli Bandage (emergency bandage) work? How do I apply an Iraeli Bandage? 

4a) For heavy, spurting, pooling non-stop bleeding on limbs Demonstration on the use of the newly upgraded Gen 4 SofTT-W Tourniquet. by Tactical Medical Solutions (TACMED). 

4b) SOF® Tourniquet Gen 4 by Tactical Medical Solutions (TACMED) - Flat-Fold Technique so you can easily store it in your kit.

4c): Use of the C.A.T. Combat Application Tourniquet by North American Rescue. Available for purchase here.

5a) Any Penetrating chest/torso wound can lead to a tension pneumothorax. See why sealing the chest is so important. We recommend vented chest seals for civilian use when addressing open chest/torso wounds. Variety of chest seals available here.

 5b) Chest/torso penetrating wound - applying a chest seal 

 5c) How to use Petrolatum Gauze and Tape as a chest seal for penetrating chest/torso wounds. Civilians: use tape on 3 sides to allow fluids and air to escape, without letting air inside. Petrolatum Gauze available here.

 6a) The Oleas Modular Bandage - Basic Instructions

 6b) The Olaes Modular Bandage: Applying the occlusive layer to treat a chest injury:

 7) If victim is breathing and conscious, let them sit or lie down, whichever makes them feel better. If a victim is unconscious, place them in the recovery Position to keep airway clear while waiting for help to arrive - cover with emergency blanket to guard against shock 

 8a) Splinting Demo 1 using the SAM Dynarex acti-splint   

8b) Splinting Demo 2 SAM Dynorex Acti-splint

Above we have shown demonstrations of:

How to give rescue breaths.

How to use a defibrillator.

How to stop the bleed.

How to seal a chest wound.

How to splint a broken bone.

how to care for casualties while waiting for the emergency responders.

If you need futher information about how to use our products, do not hesitate to contact our office at 888-385-7057 and we'll try to help. While we encourage bystanders to step in when possible when seconds count, we highly recommend taking a course to be fully trained in CPR and bleeding control. If you can step in and be the help, you can save a life. That life may be your spouse, your friend, or your child. Be prepared. You got this!