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Tramedic® Response Trauma Kits are made by and shipped directly from Tactical Medical Solutions, Anderson, South Carolina.
    The Tramedic®  Response System includes the Small Kit (Tramedicube®), Medium Kit (Tramedic® Cabinet Kit) and Large Kit (Tramedic® Wall Kit). When you open a Tramedic® Kit, you won’t find a box full of Bandaids. You will find organized labeled subkits, each pertaining to a type of injury, with top quality life-saving supplies that are simple and effective in buying time for the critically injured. These subkits (which can be viewed or purchased separately here)  include easy to follow bilingual instructions, that tell you when and how to use each subkit. In addition to the instruction cards, every trauma kit comes with 50 licenses for access to an online training video portal, with the option to supervise training or your staff or students. Students, staff, employees and family members can feel empowered and act quickly, so that every life that CAN be saved, WILL be saved! 
    Different quantities of each subkit are available in the Tramedic® Tramedicube (sm), Cabinet Kit (med) and Wall Kit (lg).
     The Tramedicube and Cabinet Kits come in a durable hard red case, and both have shoulder straps. They can be stored in a white metal alarmed cabinet, that can be connected with your facility alarm. The Large Wall kit comes in a soft zippered case with back straps for carrying the kit on your back, and can be stored with an easy to hang steel bracket. All Three have the decision tree to guide the user in deciding which injuries to treat first, making it easier on the caregiver faced with a stressful situation. On the back of the decision tree, is a yellow sign marked CASUALTY, to alert first responders to the victim. Kit component expiration tracking is available upon request.  

A perfect addition to the TRAMEDIC Line is the Point of Injury Video Instructions Tablet, available separately here.

    Watch the video below to learn more about the TRAMEDIC RESPONSE TRAUMA KiTS:


Number of Subkits available in the Small, Medium and Large TRAMEDIC Trauma Kits: 

  • Care Giver Protection 
  • Tramediicube-1x   Cabinet Kit-1x   Wall Kit-1x
    • 5PR Nitrile Gloves (size XL, purple)
    • 5x Surgical Masks with Eye Shields
  •  Massive Bleeding 
  • Tramedicube-1x  Cabinet Kit-4x  Wall Kit-4x
    • 1x SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide
    • 1x OLAES® Modular Bandage
  •  Breathing 
  • Tramedicube-1x  Cabinet Kit-1x  Wall Kit-1x
    • 1x Adsafe Face Shield
  • Penetrating Chest/Torso Injury 
  • Tramedicube-1x  Cabinet Kit-1x  Wall Kit-1x
    • 9x Petrolatum Gauze (3x18", sterile)
    • 2x 2" Surgical Tape Rolls (10 yards)
  • Wound Care 
  • Tramedicube-1x  Cabinet Kit-3x  Wall Kit-4x
    • 1x Tramedic® Trauma Bandage
    • 1x Krinkle Gauze (4" x 4.1 yards)
    • 1x ABD Trauma Pad (5" x 9")
  • Severe Burn Care 
  • Tramedicube-1x  Cabinet Kit-1x  Wall Kit-2x
    • 1x BLAST® Bandage
    • 1x Burn Dressing
  • Broken Bones 
  • Tramedicube-1x  Cabinet Kit-1x  Wall Kit-2x
    • 1x Elastic Wrap (3")
    • 1x Moldable Acti Splint
  • Eye Injury 
  • Tramedicube-1x  Cabinet Kit-1x  Wall Kit-2x
    • 2x Aluminum Eye Shield with Protective Cloth Cover
    • 1x Control Wrap 4"
    • 1x 2" Tape Roll (10 yards)
    • 1x Eye Wash Irrigation Solution (4 ounces)
    • 1x Sponge Gauze (4x4x12 ply, sterile, 1/pack)
  • Casualty Care 
  • Tramedicube-1x  Cabinet Kit-1x  Wall Kit-2x 
    • 5x Heat-Reflective Emergency Blankets (84 x 52")
    • 5x Illumination Devices (orange)
  • Minor Injury 
  • Tramedicube-1x  Cabinet Kit-1x  Wall Kit-1x
    • 10x Adhesive Bandages (3/4 x 3")
    • 5x Adhesive Bandages (2 x 4")
    • 2PR Nitrile Gloves (size XL, purple)
    • 1x 1/2" Surgical Tape Roll
    • 1x Carmalt Splinter Forceps (4.75")
    • 3x Sponge Gauze (4x4x8 ply, sterile, 2/pack)
    • 6x Alcohol Pads
Tramedicube 11" x 11" X 8" 
Cabinet Kit 11" x 15"X 8"
Wall Kit with or without bracket 17"X17" x 7"
White Metal Cabinet 17" X 17" X 9"