Zoll AEDs - Defibrillators

ZOLL Medical is the largest resuscitation only company in the world supporting both professional and non-professional responders with the goal of saving lives. There are 3 things that ZOLL can do for your AED program that no other company can do:

  1. Double Odds of Survival.
  2. Decrease Logistical Maintenance.
  3. Save you Time and Money.

*Also available with your AED is PlusTrac™,  the world's leading AED program management solution to keep you in compliance, properly supported at all times, and ready for a rescue. If you have questions about our AEDs, or would like a demonstration, send us a note and we will get in touch in order to help. 

Instructional Videos:

1) POWERHEART G5  (Bi-Lingual AED)

2) Zoll AED PLUS

3) Zoll AED 3                        


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