TACMED™ Emergency Trauma Station Throw Kits (SOF-T)

TACMED™ Emergency Trauma Station Throw Kits (SOF-T)

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 Seven Public Access Emergency Trauma Station Throw Kits come with the Emergency Trauma Station, but can be purchased separately here. This kit, made by Tactical Medical Solutions, is contained in a heavy weight re-sealable bag for ease of contents inventory, training, or inspection. Online training in the use of these supplies available as well.

Emergency Trauma Station  (pictured) contains 7 of these throw kits, and comes packed 2 ultralight poleless litters (stretchers) for transporting victims, and 2 pairs of trauma shears. 


Each Throw Kit contains

  • 1x SOF-T Tourniquet- rescue Orange
  • OLAES® Modular Pressure Bandage that contains wound packing gauze, occlusive dressing, pressure cup and wrap bandage all in one. See videos on how to use the OLAES here.
  •  2x Beacon chest seals to address penetrating chest/torso wounds
  • 1x Emergency Blanket to warm victim
  • 1x Pair Black Maxx Gloves
  • 1x Casualty Marking Card 
  • 1x Laminated Instructional Card 
  • PLUS Access to Online Video Training suitable for all ages

If buying an individual throw kit, we recommend adding a small pair of Trauma Shears to your individual throw kit, sold here.

 Please call our office or send us an email, if you'd like to make a special order or for any questions about customizing your kits. 888-223-1783