Beacon Chest Seal - Non-vented - Kit Size - From $10.99

Beacon Chest Seal - Non-vented - Kit Size - From $10.99

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The Beacon™ Chest Seal is an advanced occlusive dressing designed to treat open chest wounds. They are specifically designed with a medical grade hydrogel adhesive strong enough to adhere to skin that is exposed to blood, sweat, hair, sand or water. 

Note: These seals are not vented. For civilians, we recommend "vented" chest seals only. This avoids needing to make a medical decision about burping the seal to let built up air and fluids to be released. Vented seals drain for you, without need for intervention. 


  • Large 6-inch round shape for optimal coverage area 
  • Effective in extreme cold and heat 
  • Large release tab for easy application and removal 
  • Transparent backing for easy placement over the wound 
  • Strong medical grade hydrogel adhesive 
  • Lightweight puncture-resistant packaging 
  • Conforms and adheres easily to all body surfaces 
  • Function and integrity of chest seal preserved when folded or rolled 
  • Vacuum-sealed ouch w/ 4 tear notches 
  • Latex-free   

Fully stocked kits available here!

NOTE: An entrance wound often means there is an exit wound. Be prepared to protect a second wound.