Bleeding Control Kit - Trainer

Train to stop life threatening bleeding and SAVE A LIFE!

Public Access Individual Bleeding Control Trainer Kits by North American Rescue provide the appropriate equipment needed to teach individuals the necessary life-saving skills of bleeding control. Designed to correspond with the equipment found in our core Basic Public Access Bleeding Control Kits, these individual trainers come fully packed in a distinctive blue nylon bag and contain trainers of intuitive, easy-to-use tools proven to help to save lives such as the C-A-T® tourniquet, gauze, and pressure dressings. Also included are step-by-step illustrated “just in time” pictorial instructions. These trainers are available Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced configurations.

Basic Trainer Contents:

  • 1 x C-A-T® Tourniquet - Blue Trainer
  • 1 x 6 in. NAR Responder ETD (Emergency Trauma Dressing)
  • 2 x NAR Wound Packing Gauze
  • 2 x Pair, Responder Nitrile Gloves, Lg
  • 1 x Responder Trauma Shears, 7.25 in.
  • 1 x Permanent Marker, Small
  • 1 x Just in Time Instruction Card
  • 1 x NAR Survival Blanket
  • 1 x PVC Bleeding Control Patch
  • 1 x Blue Nylon Bag