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The See/Rescue streamers are part of the Space X safety gear!! 

        You can't be rescued if you can't be seen! To a rescue helicopter or search party in a boat, your head is the size of a coconut. Flares only last for seconds, sea dye washes away, and GPS only gets you to the general area. Rescuers need a visual, and if the victim is injured, time is valuable.  Rescue®Streamer is the only passive and continuous signaling device that can help rescuers find you fast, on land, sea and snow, day or night.          

     Whether you are hiking, boating, skiing or scuba diving, day or night, simply unroll the streamer, and your rescuers will be better able to spot you. A larger visual target significantly increases a survivor's probability of detection and rescue, as a result of the unique color/shape contrast, relative to normal background environments.

     The Rescue Streamer consists of an elongated bright orange-colored high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric, with sealed air-filled struts that keep it afloat. The bright orange color offers a readily visible contrast with most terrain or water environments. Reflectors and lights, allow you to be spotted, day or night.

  • Universal distress symbol  
  • Specialized air-filled struts that keep it afloat and at full length, with no twisting or curling,
  • Deploys in seconds; just attach the clip and unroll,
  • Floats in the stored and extended configurations,
  • Signals continuously even if you're injured or asleep,
  • Contains a Clip for attaching to self, pack, raft or boat
  • Can be deployed with one hand.
  • Visible lighting even if flipped from waves
  • Retro-reflective material that can work as a mirror signaling device;.
  • Reflected light that can be seen with night vision goggles (a Coast Guard SAR standard)
  • No costly maintenance/replacement since they are constructed of inert materials
  • No batteries required
  • Will not fade or blow away
  • Military approved and adopted
  • Proven and tested
  • Can be stowed or clipped anywhere. 
  • 2 sizes: Small 6" X 25' and Large 11" X 40' 
  • Visible from 1.5 miles away at 1500 feet altitude
  • Military-grade chem-lights and reflectors
  • The small size comes stored in a black nylon holster with loop for attaching to belt. The large size is stored in a foil pouch.    

Large:  SKU: SAR-11 CLRR: Packed size: 3" X 11";Streamer measures 11" wide and unrolls to 40 Ft. long. 13  oz.
Small - SKU: SAR-6/25 CLRR: Packed size: 2" x 6" in holster;
Streamer measures 6" wide and unrolls to 25 Ft. long.  7 oz.

“I consider the SEE/RESCUE® STREAMER my primary signaling device should I end up in the water. It is passive, lasts forever, and can be spotted at altitude. The other signaling devices I carry are in limited supply, burn out after a short period of time or dissipate, and rely on me hearing a search aircraft to set them off.” Commander J. S. “Goat Boy” Bates, Executive Officer, VFA-2, (aircraft carrier) USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN-72) US Navy.

"Without SeeRescue, it's almost like finding a needle in a haystack. It's extremely, extremely difficult to find a person in the water."  Lt.Cmdr. D. Norton US Coast Guard

"SEE/RESCUE® is one of the simplest, yet most effective devices you can use to ensure that you and your family can be found". Capt. Cushman, US Coast Guard

"It's good stuff. It worked when I needed it."  Military troop member deployed in Afghanistan, signaling for a creitical aerial extraction.



U.S. Patent # 7,695,334.

National Stock Numbers (NSN's) Issued.

Military approvals:
U.S. Air Force HQ HSC/HQ AMC
U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Marines/Navy NAVAIR Certification PMA-202
U.S. Navy Approval Qualification, Director, Safety and Survivability
U.S. Air Force/U.S. Air Guard Fighter Jets

"The incorporation of the See/Rescue® Streamer will increase the survivor's probability of detection and rescue."

Made in USA to keep you alive.