TACMED™ Patrol Trauma Response Kit  (SOF-T)

TACMED™ Patrol Trauma Response Kit (SOF-T)

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Made by Tactical Medical Solutions.
Whether you are a law enforcement officer on patrol or an EMS professional responding to a critical incident, the TacMed™ Patrol Trauma Response Kit will provide you with the necessary components for on-scene care when seconds count. Designed to be worn on the belt or a MOLLE platform, this compact kit takes up minimal space and locates critical equipment on the provider where it is most needed. The PTRK has a divider to keep the SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide separate from the Esmark Bandage, compressed gauze, and Fox Chest Seals. There is also individual storage for the gloves.
*Attaching Strap To accommodate a drop kit (LAPD KIT) Sold Separately here

  • 1x SOF® T tourniquet in Rescue Orange or Black - Gen 4
  • 1x Esmark Bandage 
  • 1x Compressed Gauze OR QuikClot Combat Gauze- LE 
  • 1x Package Fox Chest Seals (2 seals)
  • 1PR Gloves 

Made in the USA