TACMED™ Ankle Tourniquet Holster w/ SofTT-W Tourniquet $35.00

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Storage of essential equipment is a challenge for patrol officers or individuals working low-vis or plain-clothed operations. The TacMed™ Tourniquet Ankle Holster allows the operator/officer to comfortably and discreetly wear a SOF® Tactical Tourniquet on either leg in virtually any mode of dress. Positioning the tourniquet on the ankle allows rapid access with either hand in the event of a shooting. The design of the holster allows the tourniquet to be removed from the pouch in seconds with one hand, yet is secure enough to run with and not risk the tourniquet falling out of the holster. 
SofTTW Generation 4 Tourniquet included.

Dimensions: 4x 14.5" (one size fits most) 

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