TRAMEDIC™ Trauma Kit (w/SOF®T)

TRAMEDIC™ Trauma Kit (w/SOF®T)

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The Tramedic™ Trauma Kit contains the necessary items to treat serious injuries such as heavy bleeding or penetrating chest trauma. Compact enough to fit in a desk drawer, glove box, or backpack, the Tramedikit™ is packed in a resealable bag, allowing for easy inspection and replacement of individual components.

The included instructions prioritize which components to use first, and components are clearly marked to correspond to their instructions. The instructions act as a guide through the treatment process and help reduce the guess work.

With each Tramedic Trauma Kit, you will receive 1 license to our training portal, where videos detail the components and use of each sub kit. Designed to be viewed by users of all ages, these videos are not only informative and educational, but they could save a life. Access to the training site allows facility training managers to assign videos to personnel and staff as well as track their progress.


  • 1x Sof Tourniquet Wide - Orange
  • 1x Tramedic™ Trauma Bandage to wrap wound.
  • 1x Petrolatum Gauze (3" x 18") and 1x Tape Roll for open chest/torso wounds OR Chest Seal
  • 1x Mask w/ Eye Shield
  • 1 PR Nitrile Gloves, size XL 
  • 1x Heat Reflective Emergency Rescue Blanket (84x52"). 
  • 1x Instruction Card

Dimensions: 11" x 8" x 3"

 Made in the USA