* TRAMEDIC™ First Aid Cube Kit $298.00

* TRAMEDIC™ First Aid Cube Kit $298.00

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Made by and shipped directly from Tactical Medical Solutions. Anderson, SC

The TRAMEDIC™ CUBE is designed for use in homes, offices, vehicles, and areas with smaller numbers of occupants. Its 9” x 9” cube shape allows for easy storage. Visual bi-lingual instructions are  included for each component, as well as access to online video training portal designed for children and adults alike. We can also customize this kit to contain more items needed in a mass casualty incident, requiring more bleeding control and wound care. Please Email us for this customization. 

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  • 1x Care Giver Protection Sub Kit (5 prs gloves and masks)
  • 1x Massive Bleeding Sub Kit
  • 1x Breathing Sub Kit
  • 1x Chest Injury Sub Kit (treat up to 9 chest wounds)
  • 1x Wound Care Sub Kit
  • 1x Burn Care Sub Kit
  • 1x Broken Bones Sub Kit
  • 1x Eye Injury Sub Kit
  • 1x Casualty Care Sub Kit (5 blankets and illuminating devices)
  • 1x Minor Injury Sub Kit
  • 1x Trauma Shears  

    The Tramedicube™ contains 10 sub kits needed to respond to a broad range of medical emergencies.  The flowchart incuded, is your guide to prioritizing treatments and selecting which kit to use in a given situation. The back side of the chart, printed with high visibility yellow and the word CASUALTY, can be used as a marker to guide rescue personnel to those in the greatest need of help. 

    With the Tramedicube™, you will receive the free option of 50 licenses to our training video portal, where videos detail the components of each sub kit. Access to the training site allows facility training managers to assign videos to staff and students, and also track their progress. Excellent for families as well, and training videos are even appropriate for children. YOU GOT THIS! 


    Made in the USA Measures 11"x11"x8.5"

    Ships from Tactical Medical Solutions, Anderson, SC

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