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The Tramedic™ Wound Care Sub Kit comes inside the Tramedic™ Cube KitCabinet Kit, and Wall Kit and can be purchased alone here. This kit is designed to provide the necessary items needed to treat a moderate to severe venous or arterial bleeding wound.

Located inside the subkit insert, you will find a set of bilingual (Spanish and English) verbal and visual instructions that help guide the user in the application of the kit’s contents. Online Video Training is available for all Tramedic trauma kits to instruct how to use each of the components of the subkits.


  • 1x Tramedic™ Trauma Bandage - pressure wrap
  • 1x Krinkle Gauze (4"x4.1yds) - for packing wounds and wrapping wound
  • 1x Wound Pad (5"x9")