Raw Body-Cam Footage; Training Video

 Real-time rescue of police officer Sgt. Mattingly, who was shot during the Breonna Taylor tragedy. This footage shows the importance of having life saving supplies on your person, rather than having to wait for another officer to bring the trauma kit. Also - keep up with your life saving training. Know your supplies and how to use them, so there is no hesitation at the scene. Something as simple as knowing exactly where the tear notches are on the packaging, can safe time, and ultimately lives, especially when operating in the dark. With training and the right supplies, you can save lives, both of victims, injured suspects, and your fellow officers. The life saved may be your own. Get home. You got this!

Used on scene: 1) SofT Tourniquet  2) Quikclot Hemostatic and 3) Olaes Modular Pressure Bandage 10% DISCOUNT CODE: savelives