TRAMEDIC Cabinets Small/Large.

TRAMEDIC Cabinets Small/Large.

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 Many of our customers have asked us for storage solutions for their bleeding control, first aid, or trauma kits. These sturdy Cabinets easily secure to a wall or door in classrooms, hallways, offices, break rooms, and other designated locations. The polycarbonate cabinets have a clear door so that the kits are easily visible but protected from any elements, or from being damaged or going missing. Kits no longer have to be kept completely out in the open or inside cabinets and drawers, where many people may not know where to find them, when every second counts.

The Small Cabinet works well for the Bleeding control kit as shown, and also for our Tramedic Trauma Kit.

The Large Polycarb Cabinet and the Large Metal Cabinet, both work well for the Tramedic Cube Kit , Tramedic Cabinet Kit, and  Emergency Trauma Station.

 Hardware included.