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  • 1x Signature Series Warm Zone Pouch (Black)
  • 4x SOF® Tourniquet Gen 4 (Rescue Orange)
  • 4x OLAES® Modular Bandage (4", Flat-Packed)
  • 2x TACgauze Wound Wrapping Gauze
  • 2x HALO Chest Seal (Vented, 2-pack, IFAK Size)
  • 1x Trauma Shears (5.5")
  • 4x TacMed™ Combat Casualty Card
  • 1x Sharpie (Black)
  • 5PR Nitrile Gloves (Black, Size XL)

The Critical Event Medic Kit is a compact, streamlined kit stocked with medical supplies to effectively treat traumatic, life-threatening injuries for multiple casualties from a single kit. The Critical Event Medic Kit utilizes the Signature Series Warm Zone platform to include internal panels that can be adjusted to fit your exact equipment needs while keeping everything secure and organized. The MOLLE straps on the back allow you to attach the kit to your body armor (as shown) so it's always with you for immediate on-person access during a high-stress scenario. The Velcro section with MOLLE cutouts on the front allows you to attach an ID patch or attach additional equipment for your needs. 

The Critical Event Medic Kit helps you meet and exceed multiple NFPA 3000™ standards.

What is NFPA 3000™?:

  • First responders are facing an increasing number of active shooter/hostile events where mass casualties can be present, and NFPA 3000™ is a set of standards developed to assist agencies with integrated community preparedness, response, and recovery for these tragedies. Included in the standards are competencies for fire, EMS, and law enforcement responders for threat-based care and hot/warm/cold zone tasks, including knowledge of plans, policies, and procedures for available medical supplies and resources.

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Made in the USA